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We heart Hamad

Posted on 16/08/2016 by

This summer H1 Healthcare opened their doors to a truly outstanding university intern, Hamad Mirza. As a University of Glasgow Accounting and Finance undergraduate it’s safe to say that Hamad’s previous recruitment knowledge was minimal.

Start as you mean to go on

From the outset the H1 Healthcare team were impressed with Hamad’s enthusiasm, energy, and willingness to hit the ground running. Coming armed with an analytical mind and approachable personality made Hamad ideally suited to support our Resourcing department.

In times of negativity surrounding the “application of our youth” or the “lazy student” stereotype it was a truly refreshing experience to work with an individual who was eager to learn, apply himself, and immerse himself in our company culture.

Thankfully the feeling of positivity was mutual with Hamad sharing the following feedback from his time with H1 Healthcare:

I would rate my time with H1 Healthcare as 5 out of 5!

This internship is highly recommended for anybody looking to break into the recruitment sector. H1 Healthcare provides interns with insight into the healthcare industry, and real responsibilities. Alongside decent pay, H1 Healthcare allows its employees to have autonomy - they emphasise how each employee runs their own business and it is up to them how smoothly it runs. How much effort you put in, and how and when you work is flexible as long as you aim to fulfil your weekly targets. 

The intimacy offered by the offices in Glasgow is incomparable. The expertise and guidance offered by your colleagues allows you to flourish by your second week at work. However, it is not all work at H1 Healthcare. The amazing banter and almost informal culture allows you to be yourself and focus on what really matters: work instead of office politics. Sue McMillan, my boss, was respectful, understanding, and most importantly demanding in all the right ways. She kept pushing me to do better with positive reinforcement through encouragement and empathy. If it wasn't for her support and expertise H1 Healthcare would be a very different place. I could not have asked for a better leader during my seemingly short 5 weeks at H1 Healthcare. 

I can say with confidence I already miss the office atmosphere provided by H1 Healthcare and look forward to going back next year.

Discussing the first year of the H1 Healthcare internship programme Operations Director, Jay Sihota, commented “We have been looking to run an internship programme for a few years and now our business is ideally placed to offer our interns a setting that balances learning with gaining valuable practical experience. We thoroughly enjoyed having Hamad in our team during the summer, he was an invaluable addition!”

For more information on the H1 Healthcare internship programme, or how we can engage with your business / education institute contact David Rennie, Brand and Marketing Manager, on 0141 648 9860 or marketing@h1healthcare.com.