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Clinical tip - managing behaviour that challenges

Posted on 30/11/2016 by

As a nurse in the clinical area we can at times be exposed to individuals who exhibit behaviour that is challenging and complex to manage.

Adopt person-centred approaches in all areas of organisational activity to working with people who challenge in a way that recognises the person behind the behaviours and takes a solution focused attitude.

Key point 1: Be flexible, and assess your range of options deal with people who challenge effectively in any scenario or setting, whilst knowing how to manage risk and be clear what to do when things go wrong.

Key point 2: Bring together a range of different types of knowledge and expertise to support people

  • Understanding positive strategies to support and address behaviour that challenges.

Key point 3: Staff need both proactive and reactive strategies to manage the support of people who challenge services. 

  • Staff also need to understand a range of positive approaches that are evidenced to be effective, and have those at their disposal when designing and delivering personalised support.

Key Point 4: Effective person-centred planning is the best way of achieving success – and thus has to remain at the heart of staff practice – no matter how great the challenges that a person presents.

In summary

  • Always adopt person-centred approached in all areas of organisational activity
  • Always utilise both proactive and reactive strategies to manage the support of people who challenge services.
  • Always have a debrief following an incident
  • Always fully document any incidents

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