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Under the spotlight - Karen Anderson

Posted on 22/02/2017 by

Today we launch the first of our regular insights into life with H1 Healthcare. Over the coming months we'll be bringing you insights from our staff, whether based in our offices or working with our UK wide clients.  We believe that working with H1 Healthcare is exciting no matter what position you hold, so let us tell you the story of some of our amazing team members.

Karen Anderson - H1 Healthcare

Name: Karen Anderson

Position: Principal Consultant

How long have you worked with H1 Healthcare: Five years

Tell us a little about your career with H1 Healthcare

I am a qualified Social Worker. I had been working with Children throughout Aberdeen for five years when I took on a second job with H1 Healthcare. Initially I was working a few nights per week with the on-call recruitment team.  This role grew on me and I decided to take the plunge and change career to recruitment.

I was amazed by the opportunity to build lasting relationships with our clients and agency staff. I loved the feeling at the end of each day knowing that I had helped care homes, hospital units, etc. across the country and had personally had a postive affect on our agency staff by providing them with work. I still get the same feeling five years later!

I recently decided to move from Abderdeen to Lincolnshire to be nearer my family and our team at H1 Healthcare could not have been more supportive. Before I knew it I had a home office set up; complete with video conferencing and my very own H1 Healthcare hoodie. 

Who would you say is your hero?

I can't think of any celebrities of historical figures of note who resonate with me. The person who has really impressed me the most in my career has to be Pam (Pamela Easen, H1 Healthcare Founder and Chief Executive), and I genuinely mean that.

What song would you sing at Karaoke?

I definitely wouldn't be the first person on stage for karaoke. But if I was to choose it would be "You are my sunshine", though that woul be because I regularly sing this with my grandkids.

Which would you rather do: wash dishes, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house?

Neither! But if I had to make a choice I go with washing the dishes. There's something therapeatic about washing a pile of dirty dishes.

If you were given £5,000 how would you spend it?

With four grandkids (aged 4 months, 2 years, 7 years, and 10 years old) I'd take the family on a trip to Disneyland.

Describe your favourite holiday

My favourite holiday has to be when I visited Bournemouth around five years ago. I loved the mixture of countryside and beaches. And the fact that we got good weather was definitely a bonus.

What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?

First on the list needs to be a case of Diet Coke as I can't live without my daily fix of fizz.

I'm a keen reader so I'd take a suitcase full of my favourite novels. Martina Cole's gangster thrillers are a favourite.

Finally, I'd take a journal and a pack of pens to record my thoughts and keep me sane.

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