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Welcome back Kirsteen

Posted on 18/05/2017 by

Name: Kirsteen Boxall

Position: Recruitment Consultant

How long have you worked with H1 Healthcare: Two and a half years in total


Tell us a little about your career with H1 Healthcare

I originally joined H1 Healthcare in 2012 when they were based in Aberdeen. I've always worked as a Recruitment Consultant, initially supporting Aberdeen then the central belt of Scotland. I relocated to Glasgow in April 2013 when H1 were setting up their office in Glasgow. 

I left H1 Healthcare in May 2014 to explore further recruitment sectors, only to return three years later in the May of 2017. I've come back to a company that has not only expanded, but retained its family orientation and values. I feel that the H1 Healthcare that I've returned to is polished, professional, with more behind its sterling brand. 


Who would you say is your hero?

It would need to be Brian Dunn aka “Dunnser” who was my Sociology lecturer at Aberdeen College. Brian single-handedly got me interested in human behaviour within this ever-changing economy – particular reference to topical trends and development within our political society. 
He introduced me to the works of Karl Marx, Adam Smith and Max Weber which opened up new perspectives to our everyday and has encouraged his students to read up on other new teachings within this field.  
As well as progressing to Faculty Manager of Social Sciences & Learning Opportunities within North East College, he has helped so many other students further their education and careers. Brian has been a strong ambassador within the College and been heavily involved within Scottish politics. Approachable, funny and highly knowledgeable – Dunnser is definitely my Aberdonian hero!


What song would you sing at Karaoke?

Although it's a bit of a cliché I'm choosing "If I could turn back time" by Cher. I'm not really a Cher fan but that regularly gets requested. Alternatively I'd be belting out "Whisky in the jar" by Thin Lizzy. 


Which would you rather do: wash dishes, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house?

Cleaning the bathroom wins hands down. I'm a bit of a bleach freak, I find it therapeutic seeing how clean it makes the surfaces…and the smell is not bad too!


If you were given £5,000 how would you spend it?

If I won it / was given the money then I'd give it all to my mum. But if I had earned it then I'd probably keep it.


Describe your favourite holiday

I went to Colmar in the North East of France for a holiday last year. I fell in love with the food, drink, and people. Though it wasn't great for my waistline!


What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?

I'd definitely take my phone. 
I'd also take my mermaid blanket as I've had it for years and find myself relaxing instantaneously whenever I have it. 
Finally I'd take my ironing board and Iron. A strange choice I know But I need everything to be ironed correctly.


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