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 Nurse Cost of Living Support Scheme

Terms & Conditions

To be eligible to participate in this scheme, you must:

  • Register with H1 Healthcare as a Nurse between 5th September 2023 and 30th October 2023

  • Have your home address in one of the following council areas: Dumfries & Galloway, East Ayrshire, North Ayrshire, or South Ayrshire 

  • Be fully compliant with all required qualifications/registrations in place

  • Have all required training (both practical and e-learning) up to date

  • Complete a minimum of 2 shifts per week whilst the scheme is running

Provided the Nurse meets the above criteria, the shopping voucher will then be provided once 50 hours have been completed and a claims form has been emailed to

Vouchers will be provided at the end of the calendar month of which the 50 working hours have been completed and where the claims form has been sent to

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