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Life changing conditions, illnesses and injuries have a profound effect not only on the person affected but on their supportive families.  

The way forward can often seem impossible, clouded by bureaucracy, legal jargon and an inability to navigate the care sector – “who is best suited to care for someone I love or placed under my responsibility?”  

These are just some of the most common challenges facing families, lawyers and case management companies when working with individuals who, in prospect, face lives requiring 24/7 care or intensive support.  

At your side at every step along the way

H1 Complex Care is a small team of highly trained individuals whose sole purpose in life is to provide the finest lifestyle outcome for your disabled or injured family member. Our extensive experience in this field enables us to assist the smooth transition of people from hospital care to home care, or create bespoke care packages to promote independence.  We also support you in dealing with the many complexities associated with the management of complicated medical conditions, including the court and compensation processes which ultimately lead to the appointment of our supportive homecare teams.  

H1 Complex Care meticulously screen and select our carers, as much for their positive dispositions as their experience and qualifications. But, you and your family will have the final say on who makes it onto your care team. 

You’ll find us at your side at every step along the way, helping you make sense of what quality of life means in the context of your particular situation and with making qualified choices about the kind of care that’s most appropriate to you. 

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