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Glasgow Street Aid

The core value at H1 Healthcare has always been, and always will be, care - care for our employees, care for our clients and care for anyone else we can help along the way. This is exactly why we are thrilled to announce our support of the Glasgow Street Aid based here in Glasgow, Scotland. Glasgow Street Aid is a medical street team made up of volunteer First Aiders/Clinicians. They offer medical assistance (i.e. first aid, wound care, advice, ongoing medical care referrals) or welfare assistance (i.e. advice, emergency accommodation support, referral to homeless or council services) to those in need.

We recently sat down with Rebecca Blair, one of GSA’s founding members, to chat more about the charity and our involvement:

Can you tell us a bit about Glasgow Street Aid and what it does?

GSA is a medical and welfare charity set up to provide assistance to those in Glasgow city centre at the weekend. Our volunteers are on shift up till 4am providing first aid, advice and welfare support to those in need.

How long has Glasgow Street Aid been active?

Our first shift was the start of October 2020, and we became a charity in January 2021.

How many volunteers does Glasgow Street Aid have?

Approximately 30 at the moment but we take on more volunteers each week. Everyone is a volunteer, even our Trustees and Office Bearers.

How long have you personally been involved with Glasgow Street Aid?

I am the Treasurer so have been here since day 1 along with our Chairman John.

What is your role within Glasgow Street Aid?

Treasurer and clinical team/recruitment team.

What is it that drew you to working with Glasgow Street Aid?

From my day job I could see the need for the service so when John suggested the charity, I was on board immediately.

Did you have a healthcare background before getting involved with Glasgow StreetAid?

Yes I am an NHS Advanced Clinical Pharmacist. All of our current volunteers have a healthcare background (minimum FAW L3).

How will the support and partnership with H1 Healthcare help Glasgow Street Aid?

As a small charity we really appreciate the support from bigger companies who are able to help us expand. We are so grateful H1 Healthcare reached out to help us as its allowed us to purchase and maintain the radios that keep our team safe and in constant communication with each other. The provision of PPE is a massive help to us as its a constant running cost for us.

Any other comments or anything else you'd like to add!

We have just been able to purchase a treatment room vehicle and are adding a H1 logo in recognition of the sponsorship and support you have given us. If anyone sees our street team out and about please stop and say hi!

Glasgow Street Aid was first brought to the attention of H1 Healthcare from our Director of Finance, Alan Mackenzie, saying:

“I came across Glasgow Street Aid by chance on Social Media and reached out to them to better understand their aims and objectives. I could see that there was an obvious connection as both our organisations provide healthcare solutions to those in need.

As GSA provides a very worthwhile service to the citizens of Glasgow who may encounter a medical emergency at the weekend, I felt that H1 Healthcare could be of assistance through the connections that we have. I am proud that we are helping them financially and having called in a few favours from our generous suppliers; Alsico, Baymed & Certum, they have given GSA apparel, PPE and computer equipment, free of charge.

As I follow their progress, I am very pleased to see their volunteer numbers growing steadily and their service provision expanding. I wish them every success in the future.”

Finally, H1 Healthcare’s CEO, Sam Easen, had this to say:

“H1 Healthcare are very proud to support Glasgow Street Aid. Their team of volunteers help take the pressure off our NHS and the emergency services by providing medical and welfare assistance to those in need on the streets of Glasgow during peak night time weekend hours.

As a major employer of health care professionals across Scotland in support of the NHS and other care providers, I hope that we can assist Glasgow Street Aid and our frontline care providers in the incredible work they do to keep us all safe.”

We look forward to seeing how our partnership with Glasgow Street Aid continues and grows in the future.

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Check out Glasgow Street Aid here for ways you can support them!

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