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Meet the team - Regional Coordinator, Claire Miller

We want you to get to know our internal support staff so we recently spoke to one of our Regional Coordinators for H1 Healthcare and wanted to share a bit about Claire and her role within the company.

Do you have a nickname?

Nope, I do not

Tea or Coffee?

Definitely coffee, not tea!

Do you have any unusual skills/Party tricks?

Nothing that I know of

What's your favourite Snack?

Crisps, especially with dips!

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs, I had a boxer called Ella and she was my baby

What was your favourite place you’ve visited?

I love to travel, that’s why this job suits me as I can take my laptop anywhere.

Favourite place so far has to be Vietnam, Hanoi and Sapa.

When did your H1/Homecare Journey begin?

I joined the H1 team in May this year.

What's your typical day like?

Looking though emails with my morning coffee, then the candidate experience begins, talking to candidates and interviewing, then we onboard and bring the candidate through to the H1 family.

You're the Regional Coordinator, why is it so important to H1 Healthcare?

As a recruiter we get to meet lots of different people from different walks of life. We find the best candidates out there that will complement our team. As part of the H1 family we know how important it is to get the right candidate.

What’s the best part of your day?

All of it

What’s the worst?

Getting a candidate to 90% onboard and then they just don’t get in touch. Just a simple sorry I’ve changed my mind would be good. Everyone can change their minds and that’s ok.

What makes you proud to work at H1 Healthcare?

We are a family run company aiming to provide top quality staff who care to the healthcare sector.

If you had to summarise H1 Healthcare in 3 words what would they be?

Family orientated, Caring and Reliable

Thank you for catching up with us, Claire, and if you are interested in working for a company that cares then visit our joining page and apply now.

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