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Coronavirus Policy - Clients

To our valued clients,

Given the unprecedented and fast moving COVID-19 pandemic, we have been making plans to ensure that we are able to continue supporting you and our care and nursing workforce during what we expect will be a period of significant demand for our services and challenges to the delivery of care for all of us.

  • From today, our office based teams are largely working from home and all of us are able to conduct our meetings via video conferencing and telephone. You can still call us on the usual office and mobile telephone numbers and email addresses, and we’ll respond as usual.

  • All of our classroom based training courses are postponed until further notice, with our online courses being still available to everyone.  We'll work with our staff to ensure that any mandatory training is delivered online or in a face to face environment as soon as is safe to do so, if their training compliance period is due to expire, and we’ll inform you at the time of booking a staff member if this is the case.

  • We have developed a training course for our teams to educate them on COVID-19 and additional infection control procedures, which we will keep updated in light of the latest government and local authority information and advice. 

  • We have advised our staff not to travel to and from work wearing their tunics/uniforms; they must protect their tunics with a plastic apron when they are on shift and the plastic apron must be changed from one service to another.  We understand at this stage that all care homes/services will be in a position to provide our staff with a plastic apron and gloves as a local policy to protect and prevent the risk of COVID 19 spread.  It will be very beneficial if your service can clarify your procedures and confirm this is correct; this will reassure to our staff and provide them with peace of mind that all appropriate steps have been taken; so they can safely continue to work at your service and support you as a valued H1 client; as we understand the importance of providing continuous and reliable care to the frail and vulnerable groups we both service.

  • We’ll keep recruiting, but all of our interviews will now be conducted online, and we’ll minimise face to face contact as much as we can during the recruitment process.

  • We are experiencing significant demand for staff cover and to help us to plan staffing resources for you; we have decided to prioritise allocation of staff to existing customers and to spread resources across all existing customers to ensure that you continue to get the same staff you usually have; so that we are able to provide you with extra resource as you need it.

  • To help us, please let your consultant know if you have any confirmed or suspected case of the COVID-19 in your facility, as soon as possible.  We’ll work with you to plan contingent staffing resources.

  • We’d also really appreciate it if you could give us 24 hours notice if you want to cancel an existing booking. This will help us allocate staff resources fairly across all of our clients.

  • Whilst we are working with the latest government and local authority advice, if you have any specific policies or procedures you’d like us to follow; please advise your consultant.

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