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Care Worker Winter Checklist

At H1 Healthcare Group, we are committed to protecting our frontline workers, even more so as we move further into the winter season. We know a lot of our amazing care workers will be out and about helping those in need, but please remember to look out for yourselves too. Here are some quick tips and advice for how you can be better prepared this winter!

Be equipped: Keep a water bottle, blanket and a torch in your care, at a minimum. If you are able to, get a phone charger suitable for your car. It is also advised to have a high visibility jacket in your car too.

Be prepared: Ensure your mobile is fully charged before you leave the house to go out to work. It is essential you are contactable and are able to contact others in case of an emergency.

Make sure your car is ready: Check on your car’s tyre pressure, petrol level and any other mechanical features are checked and up to a suitable standard.

Avoid getting stuck: Keep a large rectangular piece of thick cardboard in your card which can be placed by your wheel if you end up being stuck in snow or mud and cannot get free.

Check the weather forecast: Regularly check for bad weather forecasts so that you can prepare in advance. Allow more time for your journey when there is bad weather. Try to have weather forecasts and traffic updates on your phone too.

Plan your route: Make sure you check the route before you set off. Roads may be busier or potentially closed. Accidents occur more in winter time with icier roads.

Have your free flu jab: Care workers are entitled to a free flu jab each year to help protect you against any illnesses going around during the winter period when they are in full force.

Let People know where you are: If you're making a journey, let someone know where you're going and an ETA (Estimated time of arrival). If you get stuck, with no signal, they'll know something is wrong. We would highly recommend you download the Hollie Guard App to help keep you safe! Read about the Hollie Guard App

Hopefully these few tips can help everyone stay safe (and warm!) this winter season! As always, we want to hear from you - if anyone has any other tips that they use to keep safe during winter, shoot us a message on Facebook and we’ll share them with everyone!

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Jan 24, 2022

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