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Meet The Team - Head of Recruitment and Workforce Strategy, Siobhan O’Neill

We want you to get to know our internal support staff so we recently spoke to our Head of Recruitment and Workforce Strategy across the H1 Healthcare Group and wanted to share a bit about Siobhan and her role within the whole company.

Do you have a nickname in the office?

Not normally no, but some people have started calling me “Shiv”, I don’t mind if people call me it but normally I don’t have a nickname.

Tea or Coffee?


Do you have any unusual skills/Party tricks?

Hmm, I use to be an Irish dancer so if the music goes and I’ve had a few drinks then I don’t mind showing off a bit

What’s your favourite Snack?

That’s a good one! Hmm, probably anything with chocolate on to be fair just now.

Dogs or Cats?


Any plans for your next holiday?/What was your favourite place you’ve visited?

Yes, I am planning on going to Turkey this year but my favourite place so far has to be Vegas!

When did your H1/Homecare Journey begin?

August 2019

What's your typical day like?*

I liaise with my teams and other managers throughout the day, look at the projects I am involved in and what needs planning or doing as we have a lot of exciting things happening at the moment across our group. Looking at recruitment and what we need to do to help bring new people into the business and also ensure we keep our current staff happy whether that’s in H1 Healthcare, Homecare Scotland or H1 Learning. I look after resourcing, compliance and training for the group.

You're the Head of Recruitment and Workforce Strategy, why is it so important to the H1 Healthcare Group?

It’s important because we need to make sure we have enough fully trained and compliant staff coming into the business and ensure we are looking after our current staff. This in turn helps us to provide a great quality of care.

What’s the best part of your day?

I like getting things done, so for example when I have a big task or am faced with a problem then I get satisfaction from completing it and finding a solution. I also feel satisfied when I train people and see other people flourish, so when the team does well and everything is moving forward in the right direction, that is one of the best parts of the day.

What’s the worst?

I don’t really have a worst part of the day to be honest.

What makes you proud to work at H1/Homecare Scotland?

We’re a family at H1 Group so we very much have the family ethos, I can see the good that all four brands in H1 group are doing in the marketplace and the healthcare sector and I am proud to be a part of it.

If you had to summarise H1/Homecare Scotland in 3 words what would they be?

Family, Innovative and exciting.

Thank you for catching up with us, Siobhan, and if you are interested in working for a company that cares then visit our joining page and apply now.

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