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Meet The Team - Marketing & PR Assistant, Thomas Woods

We want you to get to know our internal support staff so we recently spoke to our Marketing and PR Assistant across the H1 Healthcare Group and wanted to share a bit about Thomas and his role within the whole company.

Do you have a nickname?

Tom is what I normally get called, but that’s a pretty standard nickname - My Fiancés brother and I call each other “Bil” which is short for “Brother in law”.

Tea or Coffee?

If it’s hot, tea, but I prefer iced coffees or something more fruity like Ribena.

Do you have any unusual skills/Party tricks?

Umm, I play guitar and can do some good accents/impressions, I guess

What’s your favourite Snack?

Ooo! Picking a favourite is tricky…very much depends on my mood but right now I am craving a doughnut.

Dogs or Cats?

I’ve had both, cats are less work, but dogs are more loyal and jump with excitement when I return home so probably dogs.

Any plans for your next holiday?/What was your favourite place you’ve visited?

Nothing planned because of the wedding but recently went up north to Loch Ness and Morayshire which was so beautiful and like being on Endor from Star Wars.

When did your H1 Journey begin?

May 2021, when I joined through the kickstart scheme and got made full-time within 3 months of a 6-month contract and was the first Kickstarter to be made full-time!

What's your typical day like?*

Log on, check emails, check social media platforms and then see what I have on my “to do” list for the week. This can include scheduling social posts, designing images or videos or helping any of the other teams out with anything they need, marketing-related. I usually go out for a walk at lunch and then it’s the same again in the afternoon - but no day is ever the same!

You're the Marketing & PR Assistant, why is it so important to the H1 Healthcare Group?

I, and the marketing team, support all areas of business across all brands within the H1 Healthcare Group so we are vitally important! We maintain the social media pages, website, presentations, videos, images, and much much more!

What’s the best part of your day?

Being productive and being creative so anything on Canva I absolutely love!

What’s the worst?

When you are waiting for responses from people for varies things and feel like you can’t complete them without their response.

What makes you proud to work at H1?

I always think that at the end of the day everything we do is helping those in need or in care get help and assistance and I think the fact that H1 Healthcare and Homecare Scotland help so many people is just fantastic!

If you had to summarise H1 Healthcare in 3 words what would they be?

Above and Beyond.

Thank you for catching up with us, Thomas, and if you are interested in working for a company that cares then visit our joining page and apply now.

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