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Meet The Team - Regional Manager for Glasgow, James Hughes

We want you to get to know our internal support staff so we recently spoke to our Regional Manager for Glasgow across the H1 Healthcare and wanted to share a bit about James and his role within the company.

Do you have a nickname?

I often get called Jambo.

Tea or Coffee?

Definitely Tea!

Do you have any unusual skills/Party tricks?

None that I'm aware of.

What’s your favourite Snack?

Crips, all kinds, shapes and sizes, ideally a family bag for one.

Dogs or Cats?


Any plans for your next holiday?

The next holiday I go on will be beach holiday, limited movement and unlimited sangria.

When did your H1 Journey begin?

I started with H1 Healthcare in September 2020 – best decision I ever made!

What's your typical day like?

Waking up around 0630 or 0700 on a lazy day, starting the day with a cup of tea and making getting dressed. From then I get to work and get started on what’s to be done in my day. Once the working day is done, I will either go for a walk or find something to watch and get comfortable.

You're the Regional Manager for Glasgow, why is it so important to H1 Healthcare?

I'm a Regional Manager, the role is important because we are responsible for candidate management, client engagement and business development as well as the general deployment of staff.

What’s the best part of your day?

The best part of the day is booking shifts, supporting clients and sometimes going above and beyond to ensure our services have an exceptional experience when partnering with us and most importantly clients have safe staffing levels.

What’s the worst?

Our role never stops, therefore we don’t! Sometimes the worst part of the day is not remembering to stop and take a break!

What makes you proud to work at H1 Healthcare?

I'm proud to work for H1 Healthcare because they are a company who care about their staff. They give opportunity and reward us for the work we put in. Being a family run organisation, you feel the genuine care and concern. No idea goes Un listened and you will always have someone to support you, should you need it.

If you had to summarise H1 Healthcare in 3 words what would they be?

Hardworking, family orientated and innovative!

Thank you for catching up with us, James, and if you are interested in working for a company that cares then visit our joining page and apply now.

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