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Benefits of working for a healthcare agency

Many healthcare professionals at some stage in their careers may opt to work for a healthcare agency. It might be because they’re between full-time contracts or are looking for a new challenge. Perhaps they’ve relocated to a new area, or they’re looking for work that better fits in with their other responsibilities.

Whatever the reasons, there are a number of benefits associated with working for a healthcare agency. These benefits are often interconnected, with better pay, greater flexibility, wider opportunities and career development all going hand-in-hand.

Better Pay

According to the latest Adzuna salary statistics for agency nurses, the average agency nurse salary is £49,230. This is 38.6% above the national average advertised salary of £35,511. Of course, the earning potential of agency nurses and other healthcare professionals will depend on their degree of experience, where they work and the number of hours they work over the month.

That said, the hourly rate of agency staff is higher on average than those who are in full-time employment. This can allow you to work fewer hours or in a more flexible way that better suits your lifestyle and other commitments without a reduction in your monthly salary.

Flexible working

Working for a healthcare agency can allow you to work more flexibly. Combined with better rates of pay, you may be able to work fewer hours or choose to work extra hours to meet savings goals. You can work shifts around childcare or other personal commitments. If you’ve retired from full-time healthcare work but wish to supplement your income, then you can take on part-time or occasional work to suit your needs. This flexibility is one of the key reasons why many healthcare professionals decide to work for a healthcare agency.

Career & Skills Development

Working with a healthcare agency can be a great way to expand your professional skillset. Many agencies provide a range of courses to help you develop new skills or brush up on old ones.

The greater your range of skills, knowledge and experience, the higher rates of pay you will be able to achieve. Highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals are in demand, and the more skills you can offer, the higher salary you’re likely to be able to command.

Wider experience

By working with a healthcare agency you can gain a wide experience in a range of different clinical settings. You can choose to work in one location for longer, or may choose to move around geographically, experiencing different workplaces and locations.

Working for a healthcare agency can take you out of your comfort zone, providing you with greater professional experience than you may gain working in a permanent post. Agency work can be challenging, but the rewards are often greater.

Less stress

You may be a healthcare professional looking to widen your experience, or you may already be highly experienced and are looking for less responsibility and a more flexible role. You may be approaching retirement, or you might be looking to move in an entirely new career direction. Whatever the reasons, working for a healthcare agency can be a way to stay working in your profession while reducing the stress levels, and perhaps your hours.

As an agency employee, you may only be in the role for a few months, meaning that you can avoid workplace politics and other potential stressors. Many healthcare professionals who have been feeling burnt out in their old roles gain a new lease of life after shifting to working for a healthcare agency, often working fewer hours or trying out a different professional field.

Working for a healthcare agency can inspire you to set off on a new healthcare career path, moving into a professional field that you had previously not considered.

Greater opportunities

There is a growing shortage of healthcare professionals across the UK in both the NHS and private sector. An increasing number of vacancies are now being filled by agency staff. This has led to an explosion of opportunities for healthcare workers who work for agencies. You may be able to pick and choose your role, travel to different parts of the country, or find a better-paying role locally.

To learn more about the benefits of working for a healthcare agency, visit our staff benefits page here

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